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FAQ - General

1. Who can join?

Any one who agrees to / follow with the items in site rule and user regulations can join.

2. Catagories of users / visitor

(1)  CPN member: one has to get approval from CPN board to be a CPN member.
(2)  Registered user: any one registered.
(3)  Guest visitor: welcome anyone browesing the site

3. Difference between a registered user and a guest visitor?

(1) A registered user can post comment, create pages, create news page and so on.
(2) A registered user can view member list and profiles.
(3) A a guest visitor can view all open contents on this site.

4. CPN website has alternative languages?

Yes, you have three language options for the web site interface: English (default), Chinese and Norsk (Norwegian bokm?l)

5. CPN website has RSS service?

Yes, you can subscribe to the RSS service of the front page (home page) and get any update when it is available without visiting the site.