Links for teachers and students of Chinese mandarin

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Links for teachers and students of Chinese mandarin

Post by admin » 18 Mar 2019, 15:28

Rolf Melheim <rolf.melheim@******.no> Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 4:14 PM
Dear Chinese friends

This mailing list is usually 4-5 times a year sent to teachers and students of Chinese mandarin.

But if you also would like to receive the list, just send an e-mail with Teachers and students​-list in the Subject to

Best regards Rolf

Chinese for kids (4 min. video) ...

Beginner-friendly grammar points ... /Main_Page

Taiwanese student visits the breakfast, lunch and halal dinner canteens at Zhejiang University ...

Chinese Listening Practice: A walk around Macao (54 min. Intermediate) ...

40 Opposite Words (Intermediate) 22 min. video

50 Chinese Action Verbs (Intermediate) 22 min. video ... qVG3Mv7Yn3

Féng Tímò 冯提莫 sings Shēngpì zì 生僻字 «Rare Characters» (advanced)
For the lyrics, press «VIS MER». Then past the characters into and get pinyin/translation.


Chinese New Year song «Gōngxǐ gongxǐ» ...

Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi township, New Taipei City, Taiwan ...

Taiwanese dishes at Shinyeh Dining, 85th floor of the Taipei 101 building ...

Slow Chinese Stories (Intermediate): Pinyin or Hanzi ...

Vladimir Skultety: The most difficult language I ever had to learn (10 min. lecture)

Frequency list for 8105 Characters通用规范汉字表

Other subjects:

How Similar Are Mandarin and Cantonese? (14 min. video)

Why Do Japanese Still Use Kanji? (12 min. video)

Simplified forms of Japanese kanji

The Thousand Character Classic (Liang Dynasty 502–557) ... ormat=true

Information collected by Rolf Melheim, co-author of: «Porten til Midtens rike. Kinesisk mandarin» 1–3 (448 pages) and «Lærerveiledning med kopieringsoriginaler» (306 pages),


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