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CCI Workshop: Manage Money and Realize Ideas

2017 CCI Workshop

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The full announcement in MS Word and PDF

  • Time: 24 September, 2017
  • Place: Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo (see below for the location on Google map and how to get there by public transportation)
  • Target Audience: Immigrants
  • Organizer: The Competence Center for Immigrants (CCI)

Money and business ideas are very important for anyone and any business although other facts will affect also doing business. How to manage money to gain the best benefit or profits? How to develop new ideas to run the business, and eventually realize them into success? This half-day workshop will address those issues by two experienced experts from an investor's perspective and an entrepreneur's view of point, respectively.

The workshop is free of charge, but all attendees must register online at http://workinginnorway.no/node/8430. The deadline of registration is 20th September. Please note that the registration is binding. No show after registration will be charged with the actual expense per person.

CPN Picnic 夏季烧烤联谊活动


在夏天结束之际,CPN和CPN Junior Club诚邀我们的会员和朋友参与一年一度的烧烤活动。在品尝美味的烧烤同时,你可以相聚老朋友,结识新朋友,欢声笑语不断。在依旧翠绿的草坪上,你也可以踢足球,打排球或者进行其他的游戏和运动。在CPN的夏季烧烤,我们希望你能够尽情享受宝贵夏日时光。

CPN Junior Club 将组织所有参加烧烤活动的孩子们一起来做游戏,参与游戏的小朋友也将有机会获得小礼品。

地点:奥斯陆维格兰雕塑公园 Vigelandsparken(Frognerparken)

时间:2017年9月3日下午14:00 (请于9月1日前报名)




中国旅挪专家学者联合会,与中国驻挪威王国使馆教育处和芬兰华商总会联手,于2017年8月31日下午16.00-18.00点在奥斯陆举办挪威"齐鲁之约 · 高端人才及项目合作”推介会。



推介会地点和地址:Forskningsparken – Oslo, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo (如何到达, 请见http://www.oslotech.no/forskningsparken/veibeskrivelse/)

Coming CPN activities

The coming events are planned and listed below. Further detailed information will be followed up soon actvitiy by activity due the registration needed.

Please reserve the dates for you to join us!

CPN 2017年摄影比赛



一年一度的CPN 摄影比赛已开始征稿, 我们衷心期待你的参与!


  1. 照片拍摄器材不限
  2. 每位参赛者最多可选5张作品参赛
  3. 不要忘记为你的照片取个动听、贴切、漂亮的名字
  4. 请告诉我们你的中文/英文姓名及联系方式


投稿截至日期: 2017年9月15号

投稿: 请将参赛摄影作品发到 photo @ cpn2003.no 或上传到: http://photo.cpn2003.no (访问 http://cpn2003.no 并点击左侧的 Photo Contests 即可进入)

如有问题,请联系 photo @ cpn2003.no


Report of CPN Seminar on What can Norway and other western countries gain from Chinese learning culture?

The second CPN seminar was held as planned on 26th of June in the library of University of Oslo. There were over 20 CPN members and Norwegians who attended this seminar, although the summer holiday had just begun from this day.

Prof. Arild Tjeldvoll talked about in details his book, titled “Can Norway learn from China - School quality”. His answer is a very big "Yes" based on his many years of comparative research in education and case studies in China and other countries such Finland, Denmark, France and USA etc. He pointed out Norway could learn a lot from Chinese learning culture. He highly praised the Chinese educational system and criticized the quality of Norwegian school, particularly primary and secondary school in Norway. Many questions were asked from the audience and active discussions took place during the whole seminar. Feedback from the participants are very good, for instance, the seminar is interesting and inspiring.

Prof. Arild Tjeldvoll is so generous to give the electronic version of his book for free to all the participants by request.

Photos by Xinli Wang