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Nomination for CPN Board Election 2010

Nomination was closed on 2010-09-29 23:59. Please contact CPN for more information.

List of candidates

  • Dr. Xinli WANG
  • Dr. Xiuhua ZHANG
  • Dr. Yong LIN
  • Mr. Di FENG
  • Mr. Gusong RUAN
  • Mr. Haimiao BAO
  • Mr. Ji SU
  • Mr. Jun YIN
  • Mr. Renjie SHAO
  • Mr. Tianyu MAI
  • Mr. Wei LI
  • Mr. Xiaogang TAO
  • Mr. Yunyong WANG
  • Ms. Langfang WEN
  • Ms. Qianru TAO
  • Ms. Wanshan WANG
  • Ms. Xi ZENG

Announcement from CPN election committee for 2010

Based on the CPN constitution Article 3.3., we need to have an election for a new CPN board for the period 2010-12. The CPN board should consist of nine board members with different responsibilities as described in Article 3.4.

Some current board members will continue to serve CPN members for the term. They are: Dr. Xinli WANG, Dr. Yong LIN, Dr. Xiuhua ZHANG, Mr. Haimiao BAO, Mr. Ji SU, Mr. Tianyu MAI and Mr. Renjie SHAO. In addition, CPN has got two new candidates, Ms. Qianru TAO and Mr. Xiaogang TAO.

The election committee wishes more candidates to join the election. Thus, the online for nomination will open until 29th Sept. 23.59pm. All CPN members have the right to be moninated. Please make sure the candidate has been informed by the monination, if you will moninate yourself or others.

Related part of CPN constitution

3.3 CPN board
The CPN Board is the highest administrative body of CPN and its main responsibilities are:

1. To ensure that CPN is operated in accordance with its objectives.
2. To be in charge of general management of CPN, and responsible for the membership.
3. To supervise CPN's management by:
- approving work programs and budgets and evaluating the results from the work accomplished;
- ensuring a sound operation and an economy with adequate reserve funds;
- appointing a Certified Public Accountant;
- ensuring necessary reporting and accounting procedures.

3.4 Composition of CPN Board
CPN board consists of the following members/functions:

* One president
* One secretary general
* One director for Public Relations
* One director for business affairs
* One or two director(s) for culture and sports
* One director for academic affairs
* One or two manager(s) for media and communication.

CPN election committee for 2010